Monday, March 2, 2009

Abstruct Arts

Here’s what can you achieve by following this tutorial:
Abstract Coloring


Final Result - Tutorial 21

Let’s get it started!

First, create a new document (800×600 px).

Take this image, import it to Adobe Photoshop, scale it down and cut the kid using the Lasso Tool or Quick Selection Tool.

Screenshot 1 - Tutorial 21

Duplicate the layer and change the blending mode of the top layer to Overlay.

Screenshot 2 - Tutorial 21

Take this image, import in to Adobe Photoshop and flip it vertical. Put this layer behind the other two layers.

Screenshot 3 - Tutorial 21

Now create a new layer (), put it above the grunge wall layer & set the blending mode to Overlay, change the foreground color to #FFB2B2 and using the Rising Sun Brushes make something like this.

Screenshot 4 - Tutorial 21

Select the newly created layer and the grunge wall layer and merge them by pressing CTRL + E.

Screenshot 5 - Tutorial 21

Create a new layer, select the 9th brush from Galactic Brushes. Right click on the layer and go to Gradient Overlay. Use: Blend mode: Normal / Opacity: 60% / Gradient: Rainbow / Style: Radial / Angle: 112 / Scale: 100.

Screenshot 6 - Tutorial 21

Create, again, a new layer, select the 686 sized brush from Life Brushes. Make it look like I did in the screenshot.

Screenshot 7 - Tutorial 21

Repeat the process above 2 times more using different colors. I’ve used #E7B241 and #C34FC4.

Screenshot 8 - Tutorial 21

Now select the first layer created using the Life Brushes, duplicate it, change the Blending mode of the top layer to Overlay and after select the original layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set it to 1.
Do this 2 more times for the other colored layers.

Screenshot 9 - Tutorial 21

Now, above this layers, create 3 new layers and using the 3 colors we used above draw some butterflies. One color & one butterfly on each layer. Repeat the process with overlaying & bluring for each layer.

Screenshot 10 - Tutorial 21

Create a new layer and click 3 times using the 1st brush from Abstract Fractals Brushes.

Screenshot 11 - Tutorial 21

Now create a new layer, chane the Blending mode to Color and put it above the layer created in the process above. Select the soft brush, 200px sized and using different colors draw some colored spots.

Screenshot 12 - Tutorial 21

Create a new layer, the final one, and use the 382 sized brush from Genisis Brushes. Rotate it 180 and after apply the rainbow color gradient on it.

Screenshot 13 - Tutorial 21 That’s it! Hope you’ll like the result!


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