Monday, March 16, 2009

Gasmask Photo manipulation

In this tutorial Javier takes us through another abstract photomanipulation. With the provided stock and splatter images you’ll create a nice abstract grunge looking gasmask.

Finished Preview

gasmask tutorial preview


http:// mask texture gears splat renders

Step 1

Create a document 1600×1200 pixels 300 dpi; Take the image named Ophelia and place horizontally on the canvas. Open the image of the Gas Mask and adjust the levels (ctrl + L) to 1,61. Ok let’s make the path for the mask, zoom into 200% and start to make a path of the mask when you have the path ready take the mask image and drop it on the document.



Step 2

Next blend your mask with the background (press ctrl + u) this will open the Hue and Saturation box. Set the saturation to 180 and -51 respectively.


Create a new layer and call it brush Press b for brush and choose a soft brush with a radius of 300px. Now pick a sample of the background dark green color, press alt + click on the ground to take a sample. In this case I used the color # 6e7870. Paint over the image and set the opacity to 30%.


Step 3

Ok, lets duplicate the mask and place it over the background layer. Change the angle of the mask copy and change the directions to create a composition similar to the one shown below. Burn a little bit of the mask copy layer, and duplicate the mask copy layer and then repeat this step for this layer.


Step 4

Open the image of the “gears” extract and drop into your main document, Lets blend it with the background press Ctrl+U hue and saturation, set saturation to -55 and luminosity to -33. Make a path on the eyes of the mask and paint of black. On top of all layers make a new layer named blacks, select a soft brush radius 100 and paint the bottom on the gear and set the opacity to 65%.


Step 5

Open the splatter image and select (selection-color range) and drag to our document. Press Ctrl+L and drag the first black arrow to the right and the bottom white arrow to the left. Move the splatter layer to the bottom just above the background layer so that it’s behind the Mask. Duplicate the splatter layer and rotate the new duplicated layer so that you have more splatter behind the mask. Feel free to duplicate more layers if you want more splatter.


Step 6

Go to the mask layer and burn the edges using the burn tool. Create a new layer over the background layer, select marquee tool, make a rectangle and paint it black. Rotate the shapes 45 degrees and move it around until you’re happy where the shapes are.


Final Step

Finally I want to add some abstract shapes, I have a special account that I like to download renders from. He is a great Mexican artist, go to and download the pack of renders. Place the number 8 over the background layer and play with burn and levels to match it. Desaturate the render, flatten the image and duplicate. Change the blend mode to overlay and set the saturation to -100 and change the layer transparency to 30%. Finally create a new layer and adjust the layers color balance to 40__ 22__ 1.



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