Thursday, March 12, 2009

Glow Effect TXT

Step 1 – New Document

Create a new document:-

Height of 5 inches
and width of 7 inches. Best way to do this is against the photo paper you will be using.
Resolution: 300 (or just 72 for the purpose of playing)

Step 2 – Gradient

Using a large brush, with a soft edge, select a colour you would like for your door sign and slightly off to the left, apply a single brush stroke/dab.

Student Door Sign Text Effect

I’ve chosen #993300 for the purpose of this tutorial, giving us a deep musky setting.

Step 3 – Texture

In a new layer above, set your colours back to black/white and apply clouds ( Filter > Render > Clouds ).

Set the entire layer to overlay mode and bring down the opacity to around 34 - 50 percent.

Student Door Sign Text Effect

Step 4 – Our First Glow

Select the pen tool and draw a wavy line with maybe four or five anchor points.
If you need some further guidance using the pen tool, there are a plentiful supply of tutorials around the internet. Like this one, or this one ;)

Student Door Sign Text Effect

Once you have drawn your path, create a new layer and select your brush with white. Making sure you have a hard edge set on your brush, apply a few strokes until you find a suitable size for your path. Once you are happy, delete the current brush strokes and switch back to your pen tool. Right click on your path and select ‘Stroke Path…’ find Brush in the drop down and check ‘Simulate Pressure’.

Student Door Sign Text Effect

Click OK..

Student Door Sign Text Effect

Apply the following layer style properties to achieve a nice even glow around your lines.

Student Door Sign Text Effect
(click to enlarge)

Repeat this step on a new layer until you have some sweeping lines you are happy with.

Step 5 – Additional Details

If you have a few glowing lines that cross, rastorize each of the layers still keeping them separate. You can do this by creating a new layer above, right click on the new layer and select ‘Merge Down’.

With a white brush, half opacity, apply some strokes where ever your lines cross. This will just give the appearance of reaction where they touch and give your door sign a little more energy.

Step 5 – Insert Your Name!

Finding a font that suits you and your design, type in your name.

Student Door Sign Text Effect

Copy the layer properties from one of the lines previously with an additional layer style of ‘Color Overlay’, selecting a colour close to the glow of one of your lines and lightening this slightly in the colour picker. This will just take away from too vibrant and stark a white.

That’s you! Finished. Just print it out and stick it up!

Student Door Sign Text Effect


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