Monday, January 5, 2009

Creating an Music layout for web

Hello my friends

I will show you how to create a rock band layout ( music layout )

As usual i will start with a new document with the following sizes 760x770 pixels
For the background color i will choose white, then create another layer right above the background layer, and fill it with black

With BRUSH TOOL i will add some great brushes

You can download a great set of Grunge border brushes from
Free Photoshop Brushes » Grunge border brushes

I will choose a orange color #f26826, and with the BRUSH TOOL, i will add the brush like in the following image

Now we have to rotate the brush. the easy way is to flip the brush. After i will change the brush angle, i will choose another color #09b0f0

You can repeat the steps from above, as many times as you want. be sure you place some nice grunge border brushes like in the following image:

I will select the layer right above the background layer, and with Eraser TOOL

i will delete the margins with the following brush

and with this brush selected i will start deleting the margins of the black layer

and this is my result so far

With the same grunge brush i have deleted the other parts of the layout

Now i will create some buttons with RECTANGLE TOOL

and i will create a small rectangle with the following layer styles






At the end you will have something like this

I will grab ERASER TOOL and i will load the following brush Orange vector brush**

After you select this brush, please press on the " [ " until you have a small brush
and when you are happy with the size of the brush, you can delete some random parts of your button ( please note that you need to rasterize the shape first - you can do that by right clicking on the layer with button , and from the menu you can choose " rasterize shape "

With this layer selected, press on CTRL+J a few times ( this shortcut will duplicate the layer)

I will download another set of brushes Dirty gray brushes** and i will load this brush in photoshop

after that i will create a new layer ( press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N ), and with the following brush

i will add some grunge drawings under my buttons ( i have used the following color #5b5b5b )

From the same set of brushes, i have selected another brush, and i have used also another color #6b0d10

Here is my result

Now i will add a stock image from my personal collection

I will duplicate this layer a few times, then i will change the scale of the image, and i will place it like in the following image

With brush tool, i will add another details on the left side of the layout

Now i will add another image from my stock collection. i will use a microphone


I will add some text:

Now from the same great set of brushes, i will choose the following brush

And i will create a new layer, and with brush tool, i will add the drawings like in the following image

And voila. This is my final result. I hope you like it, and i will wait for you tomorrow for a new tutorial


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