Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3D objects with PS

Step 1 - Drawing Path:

Create a document of size 750×550 pixels..

Select the Custom Shape tool and choose the preset, Male Symbol.

Draw a path like the one shown in the diagram.

Step 2 - Forming Top Surface:

Create a new layer and name it as Top Surface.

Go to the Paths tab and select the Work Path you have just created. Click on Load Path as Selection button.

Back to Layers tab, fill the selection with #497923 on Top Surface layer.

Step 3a - Forming the Body:

Hide Top Surface layer and create a new layer below Top Surface and name it as Body.

Repeat Step 2 but fill the selection with #4AC1FF this time. Set the opacity of Body layer to 50%.

Step 3b - Forming the Body:

Here is the tricky part. Select the Body layer, press Ctrl+A to select all.

Select the Move tool and then press Ctrl+Alt+T. Press the Down arrow once (to shift the transformation downwards by 1px) and hit Enter.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T to repeat the transformation. Keep doing so until you get the body thickness you want.

Step 4 - Adding Top Surface:

Unhide the Top Surface layer and change its Blend Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 50%.

Right-click on the layer and choose Blending Options. Select Outer Glow, set the Blend Mode to Lighten, color to #FFFFFF, Opacity to 100%, Size to 5px and leave the rest as default settings.

Step 5 - Adding a Base:

Create a new layer and name it as Base. Rearrange this layer to be under Top Surface and Body.

Repeat Step 2 but fill the selection with #00F5FF. Adjust the position of the base so it looks the same as the one of the left.

Step 6 - Adding Shadow:.

Duplicate the Base layer and rename the new one as Shadow. Rearrange the Shadow layer to be under Base.

Select Shadow layer, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 10 px.

Step 7a - Adding Gloss Effect:

Create a new layer above the rest and name it as Gloss.

Make a large circular selection with the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Select Brush tool, and pick the Airbrush Soft Round 300px. Paint across, slightly outside, at the bottom of the circular selection.

Set the Opacity of this layer to 60%.

Step 7b - Adding Gloss Effect:

Repeat the same thing to the tip of the arrow.

Step 7c - Adding Gloss Effect:

Create a new layer and name it as Reflection.

Draw 2 white bars as shown. Erase those parts that are outside of the body.

Set the Opacity of this layer to 30%.

Step 7d - Adding Gloss Effect:

Repeat Step 7c to the inner side of the body.


Here we have a nice and glossy 3D crystal icon. I have added a blue background and some glitters to improve the design.

Hope you have enjoy the session. Thanks!

Click here to view the final image.


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