Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Artitistic way of edting pitures

Today’s tutorial is how to use a couple of tools such as Polygonal Lasso Tool, Brush, Eraser Too, and other simple ones to come out with a professional ADS or Media design. I’ve used 25 steps on purpose to simply and easy follow tutorial.

These are the pictures which I used for the design. you still can use them or another ones you like.

Picture one: Background

Picture two: Singer

Picture three: Speakers & Radio

Picture four: Texture

Step 1: Use Polygonal Lasso Tool to cut the picture and use it for our design.

Step 2: Add the picture to the texture and better to put it on an empty space.

Step 3: Duplicate the picture. ( ctrl + J ).

Step 4: Now, Go to Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation. ( ctrl + U ). And change all modes to ( +180, +100 and +100 ) As the picture below. Make sure that all the applies made on the duplicated layer.

Step 5: Move the result ( picture ) a little bit up to make a white shadow, to give it a vector design style.

Step 6: Add this texture to the workplace as shown.

Step 7: Change the new texture’s mode to Screen.

Step 8: Use Eraser Tool ( E ) and chose a soft one with a 100 px Master Diameter.

Step 9: Erase the borders of the texture and just leave the shapes as done.

Step 10: After finish erasing and get it with our design, duplicate it.

Step 11: Go to Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal.

Step 12: Cut the speaker from this picture to add it to the workplace. don’t forget to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to do so.

Step 13: Go to Edit >> Free transform ( ctrl + T ) and resize the speaker to a smaller size.

Step 14: change the speakers mode to Overlay.

Step 15: Duplicate the layer ( the speaker’s one ).

Step 16: Use Polygonal Lasso Tool to cut the Radio to use it on our design.

Step 17: Create a new layer ( ctrl + shift + N ).

Step 18: With a Brush Tool and your favorite color, color the layer as below.

Step 19: Change the new layer mode to Overlay.

Step 20: On the same layer and mode and with different colors make your own result as mine below.

Step 21: Go to Edit >> Merge Layers ( ctrl + E ).

Step 22: Duplicate Layer.

Step 23: Go to Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur.

Step 24: Change the radius to 4.0 pixels.

Step 25: Change the mode to Overlay to get the final result of our design.

Conclusion: Simply as below ;)


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