Monday, February 9, 2009

create an unique music emotional pictures

I will show you a few simple methods on creating a wallpaper idea I had called Screamusic.

Here is my final outcome, I hope this shows you some simple techniques to help your creativity.

First download this image of a guy screaming

Cut him out with whatever method you want and place him

You can make this wallpaper whatever size you want, but I am going to show you
a 1024X768px in this tutorial.

So start a 1024X768px canvas and make the background black.

Place your screaming person in the bottom right corner of your canvas

Duplicate your layer

Move it behind your previous layer and then go to filter>>blur>>motion blur and use these settings

That should give you a cool little effect.

Duplicate the layer you just added the motion blur to and move it the the right or left a few pixels to add to the effect. Do that as many times as you want to get the effect you are looking for

Now before we move further we need to go on a little side project that won’t take long. I am going to show you how to create a quick brush to make our musical notes.

So start a 100X100px document and grab your shape tool

In the custom shapes there are musical notes and take a few of those and place them beside each other in the new canvas and fill up the space similar to this:

Now we are going to make it a brush so go to edit>>define brush preset and name
it whatever you want. I am naming mine musical notes.

Now create a new layer on our main canvas with our screaming guy. Hit x on your keyboard to make your foreground
color white.

In the new layer click from his mouth up in random spots to fill in the music
notes like this

Now add a gradient overlay to that with different colors. Just choose whatever colors you want, I chose mine
at random.

And a outer glow

Next duplicate that layer and remove the outer glow. Create a new layer below that and merge your current layer down with the blank one to make it editable.

Now go to filter>>noise>>add noise

Make a new layer above that and go to filter>>render>>clouds and set it to vivid light.

Next choose these two colors as your background and foreground

Fill your new layer with the bright green then go to filter>>sketch>>halftone pattern with these settings

Rotate it 90 degrees and fit in over your whole canvas.

Then go to filter>>distort>>polar coordinates.

Set the layer to saturation.

That should give you a pretty cool effect.

Now add some text in the top, pretty large to fit over our notes in the top

Create a new layer above that and change your foreground color to black. Hold down ctrl and click on the text icon beside your text to highlight around it.

In your new layer use your notes brush to fill in the outline of the text we just made.

Next add a gradient overlay to that layer and pick all the colors that match the notes it goes across

Add an outer glow with the color black so you can start seeing the text.

Then duplicate that layer. Merge it down so its editable and add noise to it with the filter.

Here is my final outcome, I hope this shows you some simple techniques to help your creativity.


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