Sunday, February 15, 2009

Playing around PS brush to get different effects :P

I did a tutorial about brushes for beginners here, but I thought I would take another crack at it, with a tutorial that is a little more interesting, and that you can get a little more out of. If you would like a more in depth tutorial about brushes, you can go to the link above.
So as suggested above, this tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of brushes in Photoshop.

Step 1

I am going to open up a 1680×1050 document in Photoshop so I can use this as a wallpaper. Now fill the space with black with option + delete

Step 2

Alright, now we are going to open up a new document, so we can create our brush, which is our main focus. Create a 1000×1000 document.

Step 3

Create a new layer, and select the elliptical tool from our toolbar and draw a circle while holding down shift to make sure it’s a perfect circle.

Step 4

Fill the circle with black (option + backspace). Now, using apple + j we are going to repeat the circle and drag it down. Duplicate two more times so that we have four circles, spaced apart like below.

Step 5

Now we are going to make a brush with the circles, so using the square marquee tool we are going to select the area around the circles like so. Go to Edit>Define Brush Preset and call the brush “Circles”.

Step 6

Now lets go back to our other document. Select your new brush and drop it down to somewhere around 125px. Now we are going to select the pen tool from the tool bar. We are going to draw a wavy line. I am going to have mine follow a guide so it will stay horizontal. Put a point at the intersection of the left of the document, one above the guide, one below the guide and finally one on the right side of the document, like below.

Step 7

We are going to smooth out the line now. Go to the top point and while holding down option drag horizontally so you get the handles. Do the same for the point below the guide. If you would like to adjust your points you can do so by holding down the apple key and drag it to where you would like.

Step 8

Now lets create a new layer. Make sure you have white selected as your color. Click on your paths tab on the layer window, control + click on the work path and click on stroke path.

Step 9

Before we start in with the color we are going to give our background some glow to it. Create a new layer, fill it with black and go to filter>render>fibers. Change the settings to this:

Step 10

Now we are going to do a free transform with apple+t. Grab a corner and spin the fiber layer holding shift until the vertical lines are horizontal. Stretch out the fibers so they are the width of the document.

Step 11

Now go to filter>blur>motion blur and change the settings to this:

Step 12

Change the layer style to multiply. Now add a layer mask. Apple+click on the lines layer to load it and do an option delete to fill the mask with black.

Step 13

Now we are going to add some layer styles to our white lines. Go into outer glow and change your settings to this:

Step 14

Now we are going to add a gradient, so go back into the layer styles and change your settings to this:

Step 15

Create a new layer and drag it up so it is the first one. Now take the same gradient you put in the lines and create one that goes across the document.

Step 16

I am going to go back into my outer glow on the lines and drop the opacity down a little more.

Step 17

Create a new layer and drag it to the top. Click on your brush tool and press F5 to go into the settings. Change your settings to something like below:

Step 18

Now roughly follow the lines across the document. You can change the size of the brush on each pass by using [ and ].

Step 19

Lets go in and add some layer styles. First I’m going to add a gradient. Change your settings to this:

Step 20

Now we are going to go in and give the speckles an outer glow with the layer styles.

That’s all there is to it, you can keep adding to it or leave it as it is. This is what I came up with.


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