Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hearts experssion with PS

create a new document the size you want your wallpaper to be im using 800×600 pixels just for the purpose of this tutorial. Double click your bacground layer to unlock it. Apply the gradient overlay using the settings below.

Set the color #ff5ba6 as your forground then select the custom shapes tool. Search among the shapes and find “registration target 2″ (see image below) if you dont see as many shapes as me then click the little black arrow in the top right hand corner and goto “all”

Drag the shape out as big as you can, when you get to the point your mouse wont go no further just stop and press “CTRL + T” then resize again. Right click with the pen tool and goto fill path. You should have something like this.

Add a layer mask to your shapes layer, select the gradient tool with a radial gradient. Set your forground color to white and background color to black. Drag from the middle of your shape outwards. The effect your looking is this.

With the custom shapes tool select the heart shape, drag it out in the middle of your canvas.

Add these layer styles to your heart shape.

You should have something like this.

Duplicate your big heart, resize and rotate slighly and move nicley infront of the big heart.

Add your little cupid symbols to your canvas, there is a cupid.PNG file in the PSD download that you are free to use. Place the symbols either side of the hearts, one at the top and one at the bottom. Set there layer opacity to 35%.

Add your valentines text using a nice romantic font (also included in the PSD download).

The layer styles for the text are as follows.

Select the paint brush tool and select the crosshatch brush if you dont see the crosshatch brush click the little black arrow and goto “assorted brushes”.

Toggle the brush pallette and use these settings.

Now with your brush randomly brush your sparkles over your canvas. Your final image should look something like this.


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