Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nature Portfolio Layout

Let’s start by creating a new document. In my next layout tutorials i will use the same settings for each new document.In your projects you can use any size you want.

In this tutorial we will use some nice stock photos. All this HI-Res photos are available in the Zip file. Please note that only VIP members can download our source files, and VIP downloads. The next files are in PSD file format ( without background )

Open the grass image and place it on your document

After that you will need a image with some clouds. You can find alone such an image, or you can create a gradient, then you can use the brushes from Photo-Shop-Brush . In my case i will use a stock image with some clouds, and i will place the layer right above the background layer

This is my result

I will place on my layout also the other stock images

Select Rounded rectangle tool, and create 2 shapes

Add some layer styles for this 2 shapes.

This is my result

The next step is to add some text on our layout

You can open the lady bird image, and with move tool, you can drag on your layout. you will need to resize this image, because it is hi-res

I have duplicated the lady bird layer a few times, and i have placed like in the following image.

To duplicate a layer, first you need to select it, then you need to press on CTRL+J

This is my final result. Simple isn’t it ?

If you want you can use the brushes, to add some birds on your layout

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