Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Pure Glamour" - make a Hollywood-look photo

Pure Glamor" - make a Hollywood Look photo written by Lorelei ©

This tutorial will show you how, in a few easy steps, to turn a simple photo into a "pure glamour", just as in most of the commercial shots. Of course, here we used a good photo already, but using this technique you can take the most ordinary picture and turn it into a professional shot.

This is what we will do:

Start of by taking a good quality photo of a face. Don't use blurred pictures, or ones that were taken from a big distance, else your result wont be sharp enough.

Multiple the amount of existing layers, just in case you do something wrong, u will have a few spare.

Using the Magic Wand tool, select the hair, using the "Add to selection mode"

Go to Image >> Adjustments >> Hue / Saturation and apply these settings, making the photo truly dark and brownish

Press Shft + Ctrl + I to invert the selection, and using the Eraser tool with soft edge, remove everything (only the deselected hair will remain)

Select the Burn Tool, 5 px size, with a soft edge, and enlarge your image on the screen (only zoom it for the view, leave the image size intact).

Make sure you work with the layer that is underneath the "hair" layer. Go over the edges of the eye... this will be easier to women, as they know exactly where to draw a line under and above the eye, but guys can also give this a try.. just try not to over do it and not to turn the picture of a woman into a vampire (unless this is your purpose, of course).

After finishing our work around the eyes, this is what we have accomplished...

Now, using the same technique, go with the Burn Tool over the lips line, as if you are applying a lipstick, "burning" the lips to a darker hue.

Create a new layer. Select a Brush tool with a sharp edge. Make sure you are using same round size as the eyes of the figure you are working on.

Apply two "stamps" over the eyes, as shown on the picture below. We used #0348f9 bright blue colour, rather unnatural hue for eyes. Remove the remains of the round brush from the eye lids.

Set the Blending mode of the eyes stamps to "Color"

Take any picture of flower, preferably on transparent background (clipart) or any easily removable background, and add to the picture, that

way, so that it will cover all the flaws of your recent manipulations. It can be bad edges of hair (as we have here) or anything else.

Add it in front and also as a background, in order to create the illusion of blooming garden all around the face, so that the flower won't look as if it doesn't belong.

Since now, all the layers of the picture are of a different hue, lightening and quality - Flatten the image.

Go to Filter >> Renders >> Lightening effect and apply this omni spot only over tthe face. Use light bieje colour for the light spot.

That it is, this is your glamorous result. Ain't the photo looks superb?

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